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I just wanted to send a quick e-mail to let you know about the exceptional customer service that I received from one of your technicians. As you know, Mike was at my house last week to repair the air conditioner. He arrived on time and was thorough, courteous, very knowledgeable and neat. I noticed his truck was also very clean and I was surprised when he told me it was about five years old.

Mike showed real empathy when he told me that the unit could not be repaired and would need to be replaced. He explained my two options and, with your help in locating a new unit, the air conditioning was working within less than two days. In our difficult economic times, price seems to often drive people's decisions, but it's really all about service and Mike demonstrated your company's commitment to provide the highest level of service to its customers.

I heard your add on WBZ radio looking to hire and grow. It's people like Mike that help maintain your current customer base and ultimately attract new customers, through satisfied customers like me. Please recognize Mike accordingly.

Bob M.
Dear Jim,

As a customer of Horan Oil for 25 years (Lord, can that be possible!!!), I have seen you and your crew take care of all my heating problems, large and small. Your standards of excellence have shown that I never had to call during moments of extreme emergency. I remember one of your guys came to my rescue when a water leak turned out to be the icemaker in my new refrigerator. You have a very versatile crew!

The most recent purchase was a new boiler. I didn't know that you people were carpenters as well, but when the job was finished, so was my furnace room. Finished in the sense that it had been redone with extra sound-absorbing materials and painted. Very neat - very compact--very professional. Thank you for taking time to care about the way in which your equipment fits into your customers homes.

Mike came by the other day to give the new system its first annual check-up. He said that it was running fine and the amount of money I saved should give me enough go on a nice vacation. The unit was "too efficient", I liked the efficiency part best.

On a more serious note, I just want to commend you and your crew for staying on top of all the latest technological advances (and they must change fast -a new one out before you get yesterday's "advance" under your belt!) It gives all your customers a large measure of confidence knowing that the new equipment installed in their basements can be dealt with in a most professional way. Thank you for giving us that confidence.

Again, THANK YOU for 25 years of uninterrupted service. You have kept us most warm and comfortable. May you and your crew have a most enjoyable holiday season.

Sincerely yours, Roy K.
I loved the new heating system you put in, you did everything promised and I am totally satisfied with it. You may use me anytime as a reference.
— Chuck S.
I appreciate the cheerful attitude of the office staff at Horan Oil; I always feel like I am dealing with friends.
— Louise B.
Excellent clean-out, I have never seen such a thorough job done on my furnace. The man took his time to describe the things he was doing to reduce my oil bill, he was a real professional.
— David B.
Your trucks always look so clean; it is nice to see that level of professionalism.
— Alan B.
Linda in the office has such charm. When I called, I was really upset about a water leak, and her calm manner and understanding really made me feel a lot better. Thanks for being there for us.
— Janice C.
I have had Horan Oil for 35 years and could not imagine having anyone else come into my home, day or night, especially while I am away, to take care of my heating system. Thank you for the prompt service last night and for being a company I can trust.
— Dave A.
Rick, thanks once again for your interest in keeping my family safe. I really liked the way you answered all my questions about the complicated heating system at my new house. This is why I have been a Horan Oil customer for over 23 years.
— Gretchen S.
Serviceman was very nice, polite, and helpful. Thanks for sending such a knowledgeable young man.
— Jackie R.
Your driver Court always takes special care to keep from damaging my garden when he comes to deliver the oil, and I really appreciate that.
— Joyce A.
Not only am I very happy with your service, but I have begun recommending you to my customers. I am a business manager at a Ford dealership, so I know what a good job you are doing. Keep up the good work.
— Linus M.
You know, when we had the last big snow storm, you needed two men to get the hose to my oil pipe. Thank you for making such a huge effort for my family.
— Robin L.
The serviceman came out right on schedule. Your employees were very nice, and I would recommend them to my friends.
— Mary P.
We are so pleased with the workmanship displayed by your installation crew; our cellar is cleaner now than before you started. Thanks for a great job; I look forward to seeing how much less oil we will use this winter!
— Cameron K.
When I came home last night and the heat was off, I admit I was in a panic. Your serviceman called me right back and assured me he would be right over. 40 minutes later, I heard a knock on my door and it was him! 30 minutes later, I heard the burner come on and it was like music to my ears! Thanks so much.
— Linda and Dave W.
Jeff called us last night to ask me how the recent service on my air conditioner went, and then he thanked me for my business. In this day and age, that touch is very rare. Thanks for caring and I will be a Horan Oil customer for many years!
— Dan L.
Paul is such a good man. He delivers my oil with a smile, such muscles!
— Regina D.
Mr. Horan, thanks for the personal tour of your facility. I never imagined an oil company would have such a clean, modern office! The garage where your trucks and heating equipment are stored, immaculate! I wish my garage looked like that.
— Tom F.
I love your cap program! This is the second year in a row that it really saved me money.
— C.M.
When I purchased my home back in September, I received lots of offers from other oil companies. However, your salesperson was head and shoulders above all the rest and really took his time to explain things to me. I can't imagine what this winter would have been like if I had just picked the cheapest offer. Thank you so much for getting me through my first winter!
— Matt W.
I don't know how I could get by without your budget plan. Being on a fixed income, it is a relief to know I do not have to worry about my oil.
— James B.
Dear Jim, when your serviceman showed up within an hour of our call Christmas morning, I could not have been happier. The Christmas that I thought was ruined, you saved!
— Christine L.
My neighbors all use Horan Oil and speak well of your service. After calling your office, I can see why they are impressed. Thanks for taking the time to explain how my heating system works.
— Frank B.
Our System 2000 you installed has cut my heating bill in half! I can't believe how much warmer my heat is now. Great job by a nice crew.
— Jay and Lindsay M.
Jim, just thought I would tell you how pleasant Nicole is on the phone, and how well she represents your company. Hang on to her!
— Shawn W.
With my wife being in and out of the hospital, I was not thinking at all about the winter until I saw the oil delivery ticket at my door. I realized that without your people paying attention when I was not, there could have been a disaster. I don't know what magic you use to figure when I need oil, but thank you!
— Mike H.
WOW, we woke sweltering this morning when the air conditioner broke down for good. Tonight it is nice and cool in here, thanks to Rick and Mike. Great guys, worked their butts off!
— Thanks, Tina R.
Just want to tell you how much we appreciate how helpful you were when the heat was off, and we called you from Disney World. I really don't know what I would have done without Rick. He promised us that he would personally make sure that our heater would be fixed, so we could enjoy our vacation. It is very comforting to know you are there for us, even when we are not!
— Casey L.
I was extremely happy with both Mike and Rick, and very happy to be a Horan Oil customer
— James M.
Greg was amazing. Most thorough technician sent, answered all of my questions!
— Eugene I.
The young man who came was very nice, very polite, and very professional!
— James C.
The serviceman that came should be complimented, such a nice young man!
— Kathleen K.

Very happy...was here within an hour and took care of it!
— Daniel S.

Very pleased, also appreciated service with frozen pipes!
— Jason & Aimee F.

Your service is impeccable, and that's why we stay with you!
— Robert & Tina W.

Very happy - All of the staff are extremely professional!
— Janet S.

Great service! Very happy with results and price!
— Joel G.

Very satisfied, all of the parts were installed next day!
— Joseph & Cynthia O.

Very good! The tech was familiar with the system!
— Gerard & Joanne L.

Impressed with speed of arrival, very good work!
— Richard R.

Serviceman was outstanding, he went above and beyond!
— David B.

Mike, very professional and courteous!
— Janet S.

George was very personable, a great guy!
— Michael G.

George was courteous and competent!
— David K.

Excellent cleanout!
— Robert D.

Mike was good!
— Chris T.

Technician was very nice!
— Barbara A.

Very happy, loyal customers!
— Marty R.

Appreciated prompt service!
— Denise A.

Everything is great!
— William B.

Very pleased!
— Gerald & Sheila H.

Rick is a good man!
— Ali R.

Very satisfied!
— Robert A.

Heat is on, satisfied!
— Ann L.

Appreciate quick turnaround!
— Paul A.

Mike was nice, explained everything!
— Elizabeth M.

Appreciate discount on the motor, thank you!
— Dennis D.

Absolutely satisfied!
— Brian & Sarah C.

Did a great job!
— Kevin D.

— Michael D.

Did an excellent job!
— Les L.

He was awesome!
— Marianne D.

Always appreciate it!
— Monica S.

He was awesome!
— Evan & Deanna M.

Mike did a great job!
— Neil J.

Did a great job!
— John M.

Good job!
— Mark F.

Very happy with Linda, Rick, and Mike!
— Tom & Jean S.

I'm glad you're doing what you're doing!
— Joseph D.

Absolutely a good job!
— Ian & Carol B.

Very happy with service techs!
— Sue P.

Mike was outstanding!
— Larry F.

Very satisfied!
— Rose G.

Everything worked out really well!
— Alexander K.

Always happy with your work!
— Dennis L.

Extremely happy!
— Barry & Cathy R.

Happy with quick service!
— Evan & Deanna M.

Very happy!
— Joseph D.

Happy with the serviceman you sent!
— Joseph H.

Happy with service!
— Edward B.

Everything was fantastic!
— Jay N.

Mike was very prompt and professional!
— William N.

Very happy with service overall!
— Thomas & Nancy H.

Happy with Mike and service!
— Peter & Luu C.

Extremely happy with service!
— Carsten M.

You people have great people!
— Chris G.

You people have never let me down!
— Jevel S.

Very happy, especially with Mike!
— Michael H.

Very happy, nice gentleman!
— William R.

Court did a super job!
— Dennis S.

You guys do good work!
— Peter N.

Everything went beautiful!
— Wilma H.

Happy with service!
— Sarah J.

Very happy with Rick!
— Richard & Mary C.

Appreciate the service!
— Marc & Abigail S.

Everything is excellent!
— Michael B.

Did a great job!
— Francis & Lynne M.

He was fabulous!
— Brian & Sarah C.

Kudos to Mike, very thorough!
— Gregory & Mary H.

I'm satisfied!
— Will T.

Quite satisfied!
— Charles M.

Very professional!
— Andrew & Laura P.

The gentleman was very helpful!
— Alan S.

— Kenneth G.

Appreciate the service!
— Mary Ellen M.

You made my day!
— Marion C.

The person you sent was excellent!
— Mike & Lisa D.

Everything is wonderful!
— Kevin S.

Tech was great!
— Joseph Z.

— Kenneth & Linda Cooper

The serviceman was very courteous!
— Dave & Heather C.

The man was very nice!
— Kermit H.

Mike's work was fantastic!
— Carsten M.

Happy as always!
— Stephen M.

Mike did a good job!
— James B.

Appreciate everything you've done!
— Ian & Carol B.

Absolutely happy!
— Mrs. Andrew S.

Everything went great!
— Laura S.

Rick is a good guy!
— Bernard Y.

Grateful for the weekend service!
— Charles S.

He left it nice and clean!
— Mary W.
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