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Automatic Delivery

Our automatic delivery is a step ahead of the competition. For your benefit, we closely match the gallons we expect you to use with the size of your house and the type of heating equipment you have, as well as the amount of oil your family normally uses. If we note any unexpected variation as this can indicate that a problem has developed, we contact you! This assures that we are more than a company that just fills your tank and sends you a bill, rather, we are looking out for your best interests. We are proud to be your oil company!

24-Hour Emergency Service

Horan Oil offers emergency service 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. If your system ever malfunctions or fails, you can call us, and we'll dispatch a technician and get your equipment up and running as fast as possible. During the day or in the middle of the night, you can always expect prompt, reliable emergency service from our experts.

Heating and Air Conditioning Installation and Service

There has never been a better time to upgrade your heating and cooling equipment. The best way to insulate yourself against rising energy prices is to reduce your fuel consumption. The most direct route to energy conservation at home is to install advanced, high-efficiency equipment.

Today's equipment is so efficient that it can provide the same level of heating or cooling that your current system provides - or better - while reducing energy usage by 30 percent or more. That means huge savings for customers who upgrade, especially if you have an old system or you are heating or cooling a large space.

At Horan Oil, we specialize in advanced, high-efficiency systems, and we'll be happy to put our expertise to work for you. One of our efficiency specialists can visit your home or business, evaluate the systems you have, and estimate the savings you could achieve with a system upgrade.

When it comes to the installation, we'll set the equipment up according to the manufacturer's specifications and optimize the system for peak performance for your house. We sell only the highest quality equipment, and you can expect many years of dependable service from your new system.

Oil Price Protection

Energy prices can be volatile, and Horan Oil has the best plan in the business for protecting you against energy price inflation. Our Price Cap guarantees your maximum price, or "cap," while allowing your price to decline if the market price drops. With this plan, you get protection against inflation without the risk of locking into a fixed price.

Horan generally announces its pricing programs to customers each August.

Service Plan

Protect Your Investment and Prevent Problems!

For customers seeking to purchase a service plan, our Preventive Maintenance Plan is the prudent way to protect your equipment and keep it running reliably and efficiently throughout the heating season.

Like a car, a heating system needs regular tune-ups. Maintenance helps prevent the onset of serious problems that could lead to a "no heat" call or an expensive repair. Regular care also promotes efficient operation.

Horan Oil's Service Plan is the best way to protect your family and home. As a plan member, you receive a thorough annual servicing and tune-up for your heating system, and you gain valuable coverage that can save you hundreds of dollars in the event of a repair.

Annual Servicing
When a Horan technician services your system under the plan, you are assured of a thorough job.
  • Covered parts that require repair or replacement at the time of the tune-up are repaired or replaced at no cost.
  • The boiler or furnace is thoroughly cleaned, including the internal flue ways, the oil strainers and pump, the air intake and the flue pipe.
  • System components are adjusted for clean and efficient operation, including the burner motor, blower motor and fan bearings; circulator motor and bearings; the head assembly, burner fan and motor, ignition system and burner controls.
  • Parts are replaced, including the nozzle, fuel oil filter and strainer.
  • A combustion efficiency test ensures the system is tuned for peak operating performance.
  • A 35-point safety inspection is performed.

Emergency Service
If your system malfunctions causing a "no heat" situation, a Horan technician will visit your home promptly and restore the heat. Parts or services covered by this plan will be provided at no cost. (Services or parts not covered by the plan are billed at the prevailing rate.)

Season after season, we will ensure your family more peace of mind. If you're not already enrolled in the Preventive Maintenance Plan, we urge you to call us and enroll today. It's your best protection against costly equipment repairs - and our way of providing you with the highest level of home comfort possible.

Technical Support

The technical staff at Horan Oil has many decades of combined experience, and we put that know-how to work for our customers every day. As a Horan customer, you are welcome to call us for any kind of help and support that you want. If you are concerned about your energy consumption and looking for ways to save, improve a cold area of your house, or even get better hot water, give us a call. One of our efficiency specialists will be happy to evaluate your home and heating and cooling systems.

Tank Protection

The Tank Protection Program is a corrosion protection and warranty service for aboveground fuel oil tanks. When a you sign up for Tank Protection, Horan Oil will treat your tank annually with a specially formulated corrosion inhibitor. This addresses the primary cause of tank problems, which is internal corrosion caused by water condensation that collects on the tank bottom.

Protected tanks are covered by a replacement warranty that makes you eligible for either a cash reimbursement toward a replacement tank or a free replacement tank installation.

It's another way that Horan Oil cares for your home and provides peace of mind.

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