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Well for a winter that started with a frozen blast, it sure has been a sleeper since. I am pleased to report we did not have a single run out and that all calls were handled expediantly by our team. During the cold snap we recieved over 100 requests from non-customers pleading for a delivery but we had to say no as our loyalty was to maintain our delivery schedule to our loyal customers. Yes you!


We were prepared and ready for winter and the challengers it brought, but wow that was an adventure! Now we are planning on the regular maintainence that is so important to eliminate no heat calls and keeping your systems efficient.  It seems before you know it, the A/C tuneups will start!


Thinking of updating your cooling system? Call Rick for a proposal or just to chat about the numerous options available.  Technology has made tremendious strides reducing energy use and increasing dependabiliy on todays new heating and cooling equipment especially with our Guardiant/BioHeat blended oil which burns cleaner than natural gas and virtually eliminates service calls by burning so efficiently. You use less oil, your system stays clean, and our service department sleeps at night. To hear more about how effective our custom blend is, call me to discuss your burning rate, because I am watching it! We are very proud of what we have achieved in reduced service calls and a cleaner environment since we began blending our fuel right in our own storage tanks 12 years ago.


As always, it is our honor to serve you. If you have any questions, just give us a call or email SaveEnergy@HoranOil.com.


We appreciate you, we are devoted to you.



Jim Horan


Click here to watch a quick video of how one of the components in our Guardiant Fuel saves you money!

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A unique opportunity exists for a licensed Massachusetts oil burner technician in search of a fulfilling career. With over 80 years of history providing top-notch service to our customers, we are dedicated to this industry and to your professional career. Whether newly licensed, or just looking for a change, opportunity is knocking. Must be a Massachusetts licensed oil burner technician with a valid Massachusetts driver's license, and a clean driving record. Preference will be given to those with some AC knowledge or experience. Send your resume here.