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"Tech was outstanding, went above and beyond!" - David B.
"Very happy - all of the staff are extremely professional!" - Janet S.
"Mike was very personable, a great guy!" - Michael G.
"Grateful for the weekend service!" - Charles S.
"I was extremely happy with both Mike and Rick, and very happy to be a Horan Oil customer" - James M.
"Mike was amazing. Most thorough technician sent, answered all of my questions!" - Eugene I.
"The young man who came was very nice, very polite, and very professional!" - James C.
"The serviceman that came should be complimented, such a nice young man!" - Kathleen K.
"Very happy...was here within an hour and took care of it!" - Daniel S.
"Very pleased, also appreciated service with frozen pipes!" - Jason & Aimee F.
"Your service is impeccable, and that's why we stay with you!" - Robert & Tina W.
"Great service! Very happy with results and price!" - Joel G.
"Very satisfied, all of the parts were installed next day!" - Joseph & Cynthia O.
"Very good! The tech was familiar with the system!" - Gerard & Joanne L.
"Impressed with speed of arrival, very good work!" - Richard R.
"Mike, very professional and courteous!" - Janet S.
"Excellent!" - Alan K.
"George was courteous and competent!" - David K.
"Excellent cleanout!" - Robert D.
"Excellent!" - Thomas T.
"Anthony was good!" - Chris T.
"Tech was very nice!" - Barbara A.
"Very happy, loyal customers!" - Marty R.
"Appreciated prompt service!" - Denise A.
"Everything is great!" - William B.
"Very pleased!" - Gerald & Sheila H.
"Rick is a good man!" - Ali R.
"Very satisfied!" - Robert A.
"Heat is on, satisfied!" - Ann L.
"Appreciate quick turnaround!" - Paul A.
"Mike was nice, explained everything!" - Elizabeth M.
"Appreciate discount on the motor, thank you!" - Dennis D.
"Absolutely satisfied!" - Brian & Sarah C.
"Did a great job!" - Kevin D.
"Awesome!" - Michael D.
"Did an excellent job!" - Les L.
"He was awesome!" - Marianne D.
"Always appreciate it!" - Monica S.
"He was awesome!" - Evan & Deanna M.
"Mike did a great job!" - Neil J.
"You guys are doing a good job!" - Murray & Nitzan R.
"Did a great job!" - John M.
"Good job!" - Mark F.
"Awesome job!" - Jennifer B.
"Very happy with Linda, Rick, and Mike!" - Tom & Jean S.
"I'm glad you're doing what you're doing!" - Joseph D.
"Absolutely a good job!" - Ian & Carol B.
"Very happy with service techs!" - Sue P.
"Tech was outstanding!" - Larry F.
"Very satisfied!" - Rose G.
"Very good!" - Chistine L.
"Everything worked out really well!" - Alexander K.
"Always happy with your work!" - Dennis L.
"Extremely happy!" - Barry & Cathy R.
"Wonderful!" - Dawn H.
"Happy with quick service!" - Evan & Deanna M.
"Very happy!" - Joseph D.
"Happy with the tech!" - Joseph H.
"Happy with service!" - Edward B.
"Everything was fantastic! - Jay N.
" "Tech was very prompt and professional!" - William N.
"Very happy with service overall!" - Thomas & Nancy H.
"Happy with Mike and service!" - Peter & Luu C.
"Extremely happy with service!" - Carsten M.
"Very satisfied!" - Wilson W.
"You people have great people!" - Chris G.
"Very happy!" - Arthur B.
"You people have never let me down!" - Jevel S.
"Very happy!" - Paul P.
"Very happy!" - Paul P.
"Very happy, nice gentleman!" - William R.
"Steve did a super job!" - Dennis S.
"You guys do good work!" - Peter N.
"Everything went beautiful!" - Wilma H.
"Happy with service!" - Sarah J.
"Very happy with Rick!" - Richard & Mary C.
"Appreciate the service!" - Marc & Abigail S.
"Very happy!" - James H.
"Everything is excellent!" - Michael B.
"Happy with service!" - Robert L.
"Did a great job!" - Francis & Lynne M.
"He was fabulous!" - Brian & Sarah C.
"Kudos to Mike, very thorough!" - Gregory & Mary H.
"I'm satisfied!" - Will T.
"Quite satisfied!" - Charles M.
"Very happy!" - Douglas & Janice K.
"Very professional!" - Andrew & Laura P.
"Very pleased!" - Pat C.
"The tech was very helpful!" - Alan S.
"Excellent!" - Kenneth G.
"Appreciate the service!" - Mary Ellen M.
"Very good!" - Al M.
"You made my day!" - Marion C.
"Excellent job!" - Peter B.
"Delighted!" - William B.
"Tech was excellent!" - Mike & Lisa D.
"Everything is wonderful!" - Kevin S.
"Tech was great!" - Joseph Z.
"Perfect!" - Kenneth & Linda Cooper
"He did a super job!" - Joseph H.
"The tech was very courteous!" - Dave & Heather C.
"Fantastic!" - Behruz A.
"Good job!" - Ed & Carolyn F.
"Very happy!" - Mark S.
"Tech was very nice!" - Kermit H.
"Mike's work was fantastic!" - Carsten M.
"Happy as always!" - Stephen M.
"Mike did a good job!" - James B.
"Appreciate everything you've done!" - Ian & Carol B.
"Absolutely happy!" - Mrs. Andrew S.
"Everything went great!" - Laura S.
"Rick is a good guy!" - Bernard Y.
"Grateful for the weekend service!" - Charles S.
"He was great!" - Pamela G.
"He left it nice and clean!" - Mary W.

Horan Oil is an exceptional provider of home comfort services for both heating and air conditioning. The difference begins with attention to detail. Our employees are always thorough, knowledgeable, courteous and neat. Our trucks are clean and well maintained and our service staff stands ready to respond to heat emergencies any time, day or night, including holidays and weekends.

When it comes to technical expertise, Horan Oil is on the cutting edge. We believe in the power of knowledge, and we train extensively so that we can install and service the latest and best heating and air conditioning equipment to the highest standards.

Our clean, green Bioheat® enhanced with our Guardiant premium heating oil will help protect our environment and save you money. With our Budget Plan, you can even out your heating costs, and you can rely on Horan Oil to offer you a price protection program. Click here to learn more. Join the family of satisfied customers and friends, contact us today!
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Horan Oil is Hiring!!!

A unique opportunity exists for a licensed Massachusetts oil burner technician in search of a fulfilling career. With over 80 years of history providing top-notch service to our customers, we are dedicated to this industry and to your professional career. Whether newly licensed, or just looking for a change, opportunity is knocking. Must be a Massachusetts licensed oil burner technician with a valid Massachusetts driver's license, and a clean driving record. Preference will be given to those with some AC knowledge or experience. Send your resume here.